Features and Benefits

User Opinions & Feedback

Capturing feedback for your products and services has never been easier. Leverage the collective community, get ideas from your customers to improve your offering.

Engage Customers

Close the feedback loop, engange in conversation, strengthen your brand. Connecting with customers in an interactive, structured environment helps to earn trust and loyalty of customers.

Community Powered Questions & Answers

Centralized community driven questions and answers reduce customer support time, increase customer satisfaction and lower adimistration costs.

Bug Reporting & Tracking

Becasue when there's a trouble, you need to know! Track issues, manage workflows, move tasks from report to approval or decline and update progress through to completion.

Feel The Love

Customers feel appreciated when they can voice their opinions, suggestions and praise. Happy users are much more inclined to voice thier praise you when provide an easy place to do it.


Spread the news, post the announcement, inform the crowd about the latest update. And get immediate feedback.

Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

Know how your customers are feel about that recent update, a particular topic or the entire product line.

Decision Making

Decision making is simplified by allowing users to vote topics up and down. You can more easily prioritize tasks not only saving time and money, but bringing the most critical topics to market, faster.

Security & Privacy

We take the security and privacy of each individual opinion portal very seriously. Your community is maintained securely and separately from any other to ensure the integrity of your information.