Questions & Answers

Who is Userpinion for?

Anyone and Everyone. As a Website or Business you can reach out to your users and consumers to a degree not otherwise possible. As a User or Customer you can participate and share your thoughts and opinions with the websites you use and the companies you love.

Can I create a Userpinion Community?

Sure you can. Anyone can.

What can I use it for?

Gather Opinions, create a Suggestion or Feedback Portal, a Question & Answer board or an Issue queue.

I have multiple products and services

That's ok, you can separate products by name or category. Or if your products are unrelated you can create an entirely separate Userpinion Community for each.


What is a "Topic Type"

A topic type represents the various types of topics that users may submit. For example Opinions, Questions, Suggestions & Bugs are each a "Topic Type".

Can I customize voting?

The ability for users to vote topics Up and Down is an powerful tool for measuring the importance of topics to your customers. But sometimes it just may not be practical or relevant so you can disable voting on a per topic type basis.


Can I choose the types of content that users can create?

With our premium services you can enable or disable any topic type, or relabel them to suit your brand.

Can I Customize the Look & Feel of my Userpinion Community?

We offer several premium solutions to suit basic, moderate and full "White Label"

What does "White Label" mean?

White Label means that Userpinion remains completely invisible to your customers. Custom headers, footers and CSS provide a seamless user experience. Your customers see your website template, logos etc. and access your opinion portal via your domain name (example:

What methods of payment do you accept?